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NetBSD-SoC: Add support for FreeBSD package format, RPM and Debian packages(if time allows) to pkgsrc

What is it?

Adding ability to build packages in format other than the pkgsrc-native, focusing on FreeBSD ports, .rpm and .dpkg, install and de-install them using their corresponding native package tools. This will increase utility value of pkgsrc.




Mandatory (must-have) components:

make targets:

Optional (would-be-nice) components:


Quote pkgsrc/mk/flavor/README:
" = Bugs = 

 The name "flavor" is badly chosen, especially since flavor is such a
 broad term that OpenBSD ports collection has chosen to implement
 something entirely different using the same name. (This has happended
 before pkgsrc has chosen to use this word, though, so no blame on them.)"
"flavor" is changed to "pkg_format"

          to create binary package before installing it.
          PKG_FORMAT: To switch between package formats (default is "pkg"). 
          Example: (b)make PKG_FORMAT=rpm package

Technical Details

[Documentation of existing NetBSD interfaces used, new interfaces created, pointers to header-files, section .2/.3/.9 manpages created and used, etc.]

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Anton Panev <antonpanev87@gmail.com>
Project on SorceForge.net: <https://sourceforge.net/projects/addpackageforma/>